My Native Prairie/Plant Interview on local NPR station KUT!

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Several people have told me that the interview I did with KUT (local NPR radio station) about native prairies and native plants in central Texas is airing today!  Let me know if you hear it! To listen online, go to the 9:00 minute mark of this mp3 on KUT’s site.

We discussed how native tallgrass prairies and savannas are the native ecosystem for much of central Texas, how tallgrass prairies are the most endangered large ecosystem in North America, how using native plants in landscaping can increase water quality and quantity, the future potential for cellulosic ethanol and native grasslands to supply fuel for our society and restore native prairie, and other related topics. They also interviewed several other folks about grassland birds, water quality, and cellulosic ethanol.

The organizations I mentioned during the original interview:

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