Prairie Quotes, First Installment

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Prairie Foxglove at Simpson Prairie by Lisa SpanglerHere is the first installment of what I plan to be a regular feature: great quotes, poems, and songs about the prairie.

Quotes, poems, and songs can evoke the emotional side of prairies, which I hope will help get more people interested in learning about prairie and prairie conservation.

Today’s quotes were spotted on Sioux City Art Center’s web page in a description of an exhibit by Jin Lee called Wind and Prairie:

On the prairie there is sometimes a quiet so absolute that it allows one to begin again, to love the future.

— Robert Adams, To Make It Home: Photographs of the American West, 1989

The prairie path leads to the sky path; the paths are one: the continents are two; and you must make your journey from the prairies to the sky.

— William A. Quayle, The Prairie and the Sea, 1905

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  1. Andy Sipocz says:



    As for quotes, Where the Sky Began is full of great ones.

    Here’s an interesting story. Imagine the implications for prairie plant and invertebrate conservation.

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