Prairie Photography of Jim Brandenburg

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Photo by Jim BrandenburgFrom the Hidden Trails blog:

"Renowned National Geographic photographer is considered one of the premier wildlife photographers in the world. However, this Minnesota-based artist doesn’t measure his success by the numerous national and international awards and honors he has received. Rather, he gleans a well-earned sense of satisfaction from a steadfast and long-term commitment to his almost mystical quest to explore and understand the wilderness. As he says, "Ever since I was a boy, I have had a passion for telling stories about the forest and the prairies." …

An abbreviated list of Brandenburg’s project for National Geographic include: "The Tallgrass Prairie," "The Canadian Rockies," "South Dakota Badlands," "At Home with the Arctic Wolf," and "Ellesmere Island Life in the High Arctic.""

See Jim Brandenburg’s prairie photos by going to his web page, clicking on "Gallery", then clicking on "Prairie".

Jim Brandenburg also helped found the Brandenburg Prairie Foundation which helped protect 800 acres of tallgrass prairie in Minnesota.

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