Marysee Prairie photo by TLCFrom the Big Thicket Association, there is a Marysee Prairie (near Batson, TX and protected by TLC) work day on January 5th:

"January 5 (Sat) – Marysee Prairie Work Day – The Marysee Prairie is one of the last remnants of tallgrass prairie in the Big Thicket region. Come assist the Big Thicket Association in this ongoing effort to revive and maintain the native grasses and wild.owers on this site near Batson, Texas. Work tasks vary by month, but usually involve removal of tallow seedlings, and controlling the regrowth of woody species. Tools and gloves provided. For more info, contact Susan Schinke at or 936-829-5204, or Frank Blake at or 713-528-2896."

Spotted via the Sierra Club – Houston Group web site.

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