Cobaltika’s Visit to Tallgrass Prairie Preserve

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Cobaltika's bison photoCobaltika wrote on her blog about a visit to Tallgrass Prairie Preserve where she took a great bison photo:

"[We] proceeded slowly to Pawhuska OK, where a photo/nature/overnight stop was planned. since the roads there seemed “not too bad”, we decided to go to the tallgrass prairie anyway. i *really* wanted to see herds of bison roaming. and we did. in the snow. even better! they were magical creatures. plodding through the landscape."

2 responses to “Cobaltika’s Visit to Tallgrass Prairie Preserve”

  1. Kathy says:

    thanks for this photo. My goal is to visit the Tallgrass Prairie Preserve in every season. I think I’ll save winter for last.


  2. admin says:

    I suggest giving Cobaltika the compliment on her blog since she probably doesn’t read this one. And she has a larger resolution version of her photo there (I just create thumbnails of images to stay within fair use when I link to stories written by others).

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