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Avoca Prairie by Lisa SpanglerHello Prairie Friends!

I’ve created this prairie blog on Wumple.com where we publish news about native prairie (tallgrass and shortgrass), savanna, desert grassland, and other native grassland related news.

(There is also a "Blog" link on the Native Prairies Association of Texas web site that goes to PrairieBlog too.)

PrairieBlog publishes and summarizes news daily about native prairies and other grasslands, though it may have slightly more tallgrass prairie news (since that is my favorite type of native grassland) and Texas prairie news (since that is where I am located and involved in prairie conservation, restoration, and appreciation).

Some example topics include: prairie conservation and restoration, native prairie plants, local ecotype native seed projects, grassland birds, butterflies, ducks, bison, prairie art, culture and history related to native prairie, carbon sequestration, cellulosic ethanol, organizations working on prairie conservation and restoration, etc.

I hope PrairieBlog will help educate more people about native prairies, motivate people to work for prairie conservation and restoration, help people keep informed of the latest news and work in prairie conservation and restoration, and help people involved with prairies network with each other.Echinacea by Lisa Spangler

Do you know of some native prairie, savanna, desert grassland, or other native grassland related news?  Then send it our way!  Submit news by emailing us at blog@texasprairie.org.

Also, please comment or leave feedback on the blog: We need the motivation of seeing people read and use it!  🙂

– Jason

Included photos by Lisa Spangler

3 responses to “PrairieBlog: A Blog about Native Prairies and Grasslands”

  1. David Hopf says:

    Howdy Jason,
    I’m looking forward to your blogs! I currently have a 19 acre stand in Gillespie County of primarily Indian Grass with some Side Oats Grama that was planted in an old field about ten years ago. I hope your site will provide information about establishing stands of Indian Grass, bluestems, switchgrass, as well as various forbs on other plots. I am looking for an economical way to proceed.

  2. bill says:

    Great idea Jason.

  3. admin says:

    Hi David,

    Great to hear you are interested in restoring native prairie on your property!

    The Native Prairies Association of Texas (NPAT), on which I serve on the board, has some articles on their web site at:


    (Check out the articles under Restoration and Management)

    Hope those help!
    – Jason

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