Recent Federal Bills That Could Benefit Prairies

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Recently, the Trust for Public Land outlined conservation related appropriations in recent bills in their 12/27/2007 edition of Washington Watch.  Some of these conservation programs that could benefit native prairie/grassland conservation and restoration include:

From the Omnibus Appropriations Package for FY 2008 signed by the President:

  • Land and Water Conservation Fund: $154.339M
  • State and Tribal Wildlife Grants: $73.83M

From the Senate version of the Farm Bill (awaiting a House/Senate conference and final version):

  • Farm and Ranch Land Protection Program (FRPP): $97M per year
  • Grassland Reserve Program (GRP): $48M per year
  • Conservation Easement Tax Provision (making permanent the expanded tax incentive for conservation easement donations)

Read more at the Trust for Public Land.  Also, the National Wildlife Federation has similar update related to the new Farm Bill.

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