Frisco May Create Art Celebrating Blackland Prairie

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IndiangrassThe City of Frisco is considering an prairie art installation entitled "Prairie Bells" by Bill and Mary Buchen of Son Arc, Inc as part of the Preston Road Phase 2 project.  The proposal includes landscaping with native prairie grasses and flowers, a "bell tree", and "a wind twister."

From the city’s project description: "Prairie Bells" celebrates the rolling tall grass Blackland prairie that the City of Frisco sprang from and commemorates each year since its founding in 1902.  …  Prairie habitats remain vital to Frisco’s future environment conservation as to its past.  Prairie Bells invites the public to explore the grasses and native plants surrounding the artwork.

For more information, see this story in the Pegasus News or read page 17 of the following city document.

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