MisterHouse Using 100% CPU? One solution is…

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MisterHouseI’ve had a problem where MisterHouse was slowly growing and eventually using 100% of CPU time.  I was very irritated by this waste of CPU and electricity, and I think I finally tracked down a solution.

If you are not using MisterHouse triggers, disable trigger_code.pl and triggers.mhp.  (I also disable every single file whose functionality I am not using.)

Go to MisterHouse’s web admin interface.  In MrHouse Home -> Setup MrHouse -> Common Code Activation, disable trigger_code.pl.  In MrHouse Home -> Setup MrHouse -> User Code Activation, disable triggers.mhp.

Disabling these two files stopped a periodic five minute reload of all user code, and has seemed to stop the CPU and memory growth of MisterHouse.

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