X10_Wish receive patch for MisterHouse

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MisterHouseI’ve been playing with MisterHouse (a Linux home automation program) for a few days, but ran into a problem where my SmartHome Powerlinc USB X-10 controller was not fully supported: Dan Wilga has recently implemented a MisterHouse X10_Wish library that interfaced with the WiSH x10dev driver for receive but not send (meaning MisterHouse could send X-10 commands but not receive and act upon them).

I went ahead and implemented receiving in the MisterHouse X10_Wish library. I consider this patch alpha since I’ve only been using it for two days now.

The patch: MisterHouse-X10_Wish-receive.diff

2 responses to “X10_Wish receive patch for MisterHouse”

  1. Tim says:

    MisterHouse looks fascinating. Perhaps I’ll give it a try instead of ActiveHome. Only problem is that I currently have my CM11A running from my old Win 95 computer, and this has many features that will tempt to me to put it back on my main PC!

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  2. lisa says:

    I can attest to the fact that he’s been playing with MisterHouse! Lights keep going on and off!

    I just wanna know why there’s not a MrsHouse!!! Ha ha!

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