Lisa Won Best of Show in the Hero Arts 2005 Hearts and Love Contest!

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Lisa 2005 Hearts and Love Contest

Lisa’s Candy Store card entry won Best of Show in Hero Arts 2005 Hearts and Love Contest!

Her entry was a Valentine’s Day card with an old time candy store theme. She’s very excited about the $200 Hero Arts catalog shopping spree she receives as a prize!

On the contest entry web page Hero Arts even included some background information Lisa wrote in the submission letter:

"I made the candy store card with the old neighborhood corner store in mind. Once in a while I would stop there on my walk home from school and buy penny candy. I can remember savoring that candy all the way home! The candy used to taste better somehow coming from that store, even though you could buy it other places, too. Must have been the love that the store keeper gave us kids when she would count out the pieces and put them in the little paper bags!"

One response to “Lisa Won Best of Show in the Hero Arts 2005 Hearts and Love Contest!”

  1. Scott says:

    wow..thats great…I hope she puts that money to good use…

    love to all

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