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WordPress logoI recently upgraded to the newly released WordPress 1.5, so I built RPM packages for the new version:

RPM: wordpress-1.5-1.noarch.rpm
SRPM: wordpress-1.5-1.src.rpm

      These RPM packages were built under Fedora Core 2 Linux. I have not tested them with other Linux distributions, so they may or may not work in those situations.

      I highly recommend you follow the standard installation directions and back up your database and all your WordPress files (especially index.php) before upgrading, as described in the upgrading instructions.

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      2. andyp says:

        Thanks for doing this – the packages work great on my FC2 server.

      3. ravi says:

        Worked fine on RHEL4(AS) as a fresh WordPress installation, on Apache-2.0.53. I had to hand-create the database and user, and modify /usr/share/wordpress/wp-config.php to reflect this info. Also had to edit /etc/conf.d/wordpress.conf and add “AllowOverride All” (something more limited is probably a good idea, if possible) for the directory (/usr/share/wordpress), so mod_rewrite rules in WordPress .htaccess are honoured.

        Now waiting eagerly to see if you will put up 2.0 RPMs ;-).

        One additional note for completeness: since WP uses the PHP mail function, and sendmail, to send registration and other user email, you have to make sure that your httpd user (apache or other) is in sendmail’s trusted users. That was a bit tricky since I had to mess with /var/spool/mqueue permissions. I am sure further investigation would have given me a cleaner way to do this.

      4. Hey Stormwind, Ravi;

        WP-2.2 is out, which of us is gonna upgrade the RPMs? I’d like to upgrade to proper RPM containers, and 2.2 seems like the one to try.

        Has anyone built WordPressMU RPMs?

        The reason I ask is that there seems no alternatives, and I’d like to collaborate as much as possible to save work (I’m lazy). I’ll cut the initial upgrade if you guys will merge in changes. Also, I’ll put it (spec, patches) under SVN if you like.

        The longterm benefit would be to provide the various SEO hints/suggestions into the RPM so that the rest of us kinda don’t have to think, just “rpm -Uvh” to reap the goodness.

        So… are you in, Am I too late to the party, where do we go from here.


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