Ride for the Roses

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Lisa and I rode in the Ride for the Roses today to raise money for the Lance Armstrong Foundation‘s cancer education and research programs.

We were orignally going to ride the 25 mile course, but at the last turnoff we decided to try the 40 mile route! We made it, but Lisa’s trip meter said the route was actually 46.7 miles (and it agreed with several other peoples’ bike computers at the 40 mile mark)!

We rode the ride on our mountain bikes with normal platform pedals but with road slicks, so it was harder than it could have been (a road bike with clipless pedals would have been much better). Lisa wants to buy a Trek Madone 5.2 road bike now as a reward for doing 40 mile route!

Lisa put up pictures and more information on her Ride for the Roses 2004 photo page.

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