iRogue screenshotI posted updates to my unofficial versions of kMoria and iRogue for PalmOS this morning. Both new versions fix a defect where an active menu would be exited and partially overdrawn by map updates when a mapped hardware button would be pressed. My unofficial versions add Treo 600 5-way Nav button support to both iRogue and kMoria, and adds graphical tileset support to kMoria. These versions also fix some defects in both iRogue and kMoria. See my Palm project page for the updates to:

kMoria 0.15 Tiles+Nav 2 (unofficial)
iRogue 1.1.1 Nav 2 (unofficial)

    5 thoughts on “kMoria and iRogue for PalmOS updates”

    1. Cool. Thanks for tiles! Been playing on an m105. I think lighted areas e.g. . should be white tiles. This way monsters would be more visible. Centipedes kinda look like lions, but maybe I’m not looking close enough.

    2. Awesome, can’t wait for new tiles. Noticed BUG with fragon breath attacks…. screen reverts to ascii realtime to breath attack. Sony clie grayscale hires peg-sj-20U. Thanks man keep it up!

    3. Thanks a lot. I’ve played iRogue using the new theme. It’s very nice.
      But kMoria only has the text-based theme. How can I apply your modifications on kMoria as well?

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