Tron 2.0

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Tron 2.0 boxI played and completed Tron 2.0 last week. Pretty cool game, especially playing it on a 61" wide screen display with 7.1 surround sound! 🙂

Monolith and Touchdown did a really good job on the Tron glow effect. I also liked the Tron fiction, look, and especially the disc weapon. My favorite levels were the city and the Alliance level, in addition to the early levels that had a more Tron movie like feel.

The story seemed to get weaker toward the end of the game. For example, I didn’t like how the virus storyline ended early (I actually liked the virus storyline better than the overall fCon storyline). I liked the alliance with the ICPs and was disappointed that it ended so quickly.

Overall, I give Tron 2.0 a positive review and recommend it for some enjoyable single player gaming.



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