Treo 600

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I’m typing this entry from my new Treo 600 smartphone, which combines a cell phone and a PalmOS PDA in a good form factor.

Highly recommended, BTW!

Though the keyboard is small, I would not sacrifice the great form factor of the phone since the keyboard is good enough (and I hate Grafitti). I think the keyboard works fine. I love having one small device that functions as a cell phone, PDA, mp3/ogg player, and backup digital camera.

My wish list for the next Treo: no antenna, higher res screen (320×320), Bluetooth, better vibration, voice recording, voice dialing, and PalmOS 6 with better multitasking. A second SD slot, better camera, and WiFi would be added bonuses.

It may be asking for the impossible, but I’d really like it if palmOne could increase the usable screen size and decrease the size of the phone without sacrificing features or keyboard usability. Perhaps they could shrink the 1.5cm area above the screen that contains the speaker, and the application button/rocker area below the screen.

And a stardard size headphone jack would be nice. I know, I know: “Anything else Jason? How about the kitchen sink and a toaster?” 🙂

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