McKinney Falls State Park

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Lisa went with the plant gang to McKinney Falls State Park today. I wanted to go but I could not sleep last night and was ill this morning. 🙁

They saw over a hundred turtles, a downy woodpecker, some terns, ruby-crowned kinglet, some warblers, a blue wing teal, a greater yellowlegs, mallards, chickadees, titmice, kingfishers, Bewick’s wren, cardinals, mockingbirds, and a red-tailed hawk.

Plants blooming included Mexican buckeye, Mexican plum, creek plum, red buckeye, redbud, agarita, golden groundsel, anenome, and greenthread. Other plants include spiderwart, rain lily, a huge bald cyprus (second largest in Travis County).

Afterward we all met for dinner, and I wrote this entry from the restaurant on the Treo 600 using Vagablog.

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