Amazing LEGO Art by Nathan Sawaya

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Check out this article about the Amazing LEGO Art by Nathan Sawaya!

Nathan also has own gallery online at The Art of the Brick.

I must admit I am partial to the Jedi Statue of Liberty!

Thanks for the link Brandon and Joe!


LEGO Goodness from Gizmodo

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Gizmodo posted some awesome LEGO stories in the past, which I thought I would share in case you had not seen them:

  • LEGO Timeline of Space Sets! I actually own lots of these now (bought the ones I missed on eBay many years ago).
  • The LEGO Vault contains unopened boxes of every product ever made!  Plus LEGO workers joke about Star Wars Cantina video!!! – “Death by tray it shall be!”


Oldie but Goodie: Lego Camelot!

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An oldie but goodie! Can’t go wrong combining Monty Python, the Holy Grail, musical knights, and Lego! 🙂

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