[Updated] Two Texas Prairie Heroes – Bob and Mickey Burleson

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[Update #2: Texas lost a great man when Bob passed away in April 2009.  He is buried on the prairie.]

Bob and Mickey Burleson are two of my prairie heroes.  Decades ago, when few people talked about tallgrass prairie conservation and restoration, they went and did it: they purchased worn our crop land and an overgrazed prairie remnant in Bell County and spent many years restoring over two hundred and fifty acres of highly diverse, native tallgrass Blackland Prairie through collection and planting of local ecotype native seed from area hay meadow prairie remnants, invasive plant removal, prescribed burning, haying, and other management practices.

The Burlesons collected local ecotype seed from native prairie hay meadows in the area, many of which no longer exist due to being destroyed by plowing or development. Their prairie is an invaluable source of locally adapted native plant genetics and seed, and they have provided prairie seed and seed hay for use in other restorations.

[Update: A Texas Legacy Project interview with Mickey and a joint interview with Bob and Mickey (requires RealPlayer)] (more…)


May the Fourth be with you! – Happy Star Wars Day

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Funny!  Laugh out loud you will.

Darth Vader recording GPS audio

DNS partially break under Fedora 12 recently?

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Did DNS partially break under Fedora 12 32-bit or x64 on your machine recently?

It was the strangest thing…  DNS problems started for me last week, even though I had not done any software updates since the beginning of April.  Machines using my caching nameserver would be fine, but some programs running locally would fail all name resolves (while others would succeed).

After much pulling of hair, gnashing of teeth, and searching of Google, I eventually ran across a bug entry and comment that helped with the following instructions:

  1. yum install nss-mdns
  2. Change the hosts line in /etc/nsswitch.conf to “hosts: files mdns4_minimal dns”

And name resolution is back! 🙂


Funny science quote…

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“Because today it’s so hard to get anything past the ethics boards, compared to the good old days, when you could just electrocute people and call it science. You can hardly do anything these days!” – University of Hertfordshire psychologist Richard Wiseman, author of 59 Seconds.

He was joking around…  I think.  😉

via The Self-Help Psychologist Is In – Freakonomics Blog – NYTimes.com.

When Software Kills…

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Buggy software played a part in radiation overdoses given to some cancer patients, leading to deaths.

The Radiation Boom – Radiation Offers New Cures, and Ways to Do Harm – Series – NYTimes.com.


How Different Groups Spend Their Day

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The NYTimes has some really neat graphs on how people spend their day, divided by hours and activities, on average.

via How Different Groups Spend Their Day – Interactive Graphic – NYTimes.com.


Speaking in September

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I’ll be speaking at two game development conferences during September: CEDEC 2009 in Japan and GDC Austin in Texas.  Details and links follow.

CEDEC 2009 – CESA Developers Conference 9/1 – 9/3 in Yokohama, Japan

  1. Handling Code and Assets for Huge Projects Using State-of-the-Art SCM
  2. What I Have Learnt From Japan (panel) – Tuesday 9/1, 11:20 – 12:20

GDC Austin (Game Developers Conference) – 9/15  – 9/18 in Austin, TX

  1. Defending the Realm: Resisting Exploits and Hacks to MMOs and Other Online Games (roundtable)- Thursday 9/17 3p-4p

Look me up and say hi if you are there!


Amazing LEGO Art by Nathan Sawaya

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Check out this article about the Amazing LEGO Art by Nathan Sawaya!

Nathan also has own gallery online at The Art of the Brick.

I must admit I am partial to the Jedi Statue of Liberty!

Thanks for the link Brandon and Joe!

Suburban Migration Shift to Cities?

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I read an interesting article in The Atlantic (repeating a theme I’ve seen for the last couple years) theorizing that housing demand will shift from the suburbs to denser city housing due to the desire for walkable living areas.

Read The Next Slum? – The Atlantic March 2008.


Chevy Volt Electric Car Hits the Road

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GM’s in-development electric car, the Chevy Volt, has hit the road in its pre-production incarnation!

The Volt has 40 miles of all-electric driving per charge before using gasoline.

Check out the video on the GM-VOLT.com web site!

Video: Pre-Production Chevy Volts Hit the Road! | GM-VOLT : Chevy Volt Electric Car Site.

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